Rain Garden Award

We have been notified by the CPRE to expect an Award at their ceremony being held at Petworth House on October 11th.
We will be told what it is on the night. This is something for all the volunteers who have worked with us on this project, so many thanks, and WELL DONE EVERYONE.7th Aug 2017, 15:48

New Sauna at Leisure Center

News from the Leisure center planners is that due to obtaining a further grant, there is a strong possibility that a sauna will be included in the plans for our new Leisure Center.

This will certainly please those who responded to the ADC consultation and make use of the sauna at the old center, which Freedom Leisure has renovated23rd Jul 2017, 20:37


Find our new magazine on sale at Look and Sea, at the harbour, and also from Felix Dancewear in Beach Road.

Only £3.00, but free when you support us for a year at £5.00.
You will receive a membership card and the next issue will be delivered, as you hopefuly continue your support!

Thanks so much to all our present Supporters.28th Jun 2017, 08:01

Rain Garden Update

It is very good news that our Rain Garden in the verge of Maltravers Road has made the shortlist for a Countryside Design Award from the CPRE ( The Campaign to Protect Rural England)
The judges visited us on Wednesday, 14th June.
On Saturday 20th May, the infill plants were delivered, and the 5th Littlehampton Scouts, Wick Information Center,and West Downs Task Force members all helped Civic Society members with weeding and planting.
Wick Traders sent a photographer, and also made a video of the event which ran very smoothly with all the help, then mid morning our supporter Mark Jervis, brought drinks and sandwiches along for us all.
All these factors, and the perfect weather, made for a very enjoyable morning. New friends were made and even more of the local community have now engaged with the rain garden.

A plaque has been installed,with information about the garden, and and the special mix of wild flower seeds have just arrived.

Click here to watch a video of the rain garden being planted.28th Jun 2017, 07:44

Arundel By Pass Proposal

Arundel By Pass Map19th Jun 2017, 10:55

Regeneration Consultation

Residents were involved in recent Regeneration Consultation for the Seafront Area.
We have found some findings from this consultation in an agenda for a Wednesday, 14th Meeting at Arun District Council offices.
More details from us later.
You will find the agenda online at the ADC Website.
Go to our 'Links'page for a quick route..9th Jun 2017, 23:05

Rain Gardens

We worked with the Town Council,WSCC, ADC Gardens officers and support from the Ltn. Flood Action Group,to install the first Rain Garden into the grass verge beside Maltravers Road, opposite Arun District Council offices. This project is being advised by expert Gary Grant,paid for by the Lottery funding from the 3 year 'Arun and Rother Connections' project lead by the RSPB, so this is really a prototype. The Academy has also shown some interest for a similar garden to relieve flooding by the playground...please let us know if you have anything similar in your garden?
You can download the Rain Garden guide at:
We have £3000 Lottery funding towards this first project in the Arun catchment. We need offers from local volunteers for a few visits each to tend this garden as it will establish over the first 2 or 3 years. There should have little upkeep. Rain Gardens are designed to relieve excess rain by allowing a soak away off the road. Other designs include plant tubs to collect water from downpipes..very simple and attractive too!9th Jun 2017, 22:40

Our K6 Telephone Box

Only one of these iconic boxes remains in Littlehampton:
at the entrance to Norfolk Gardens near the East Beach Cafe in Norfolk Road
We have been trying to keep it on the Post Office refurbishment schedule over the past year.
All the small broken windows have now been replaced, we are pleased to find, and BT promise refurbishment before October.
The box still needs a new internal light and new upper leather hinge for the door to enable it to shut properly.

These phone boxes are under threat as the Post Office want to de-commission them and have local areas adopt theirs.
The Littlehampton Gazette have recently also taken up the cause.
The latest news is that the Civic Trust is considering a nationwide campaign.9th Jun 2017, 22:31

Littlehampton Leisure Centre & Pool

Arun District Council will shortly be entering the next exciting phase of the leisure centre project. The following key dates will take the project through the site preparation works to the main construction works starting on site:

May 2017
Site set up and construction preparation works - estimated 9 weeks duration, to include demolition of the sports dome

September 2017
Main construction of new leisure centre starts

April 2019
New leisure centre opens to the public

The contractors will be working hard to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum but due to the nature of the work, it is inevitable that there will be some disturbance. Where possible we will endeavour to give residents and stakeholders advanced warning of specific operations, e.g. the demolition of the sports dome.

Arun’s website will be kept up to date with the latest news and developments as the project progresses and I shall maintain communication throughout.9th Jun 2017, 22:28

Library Garden

As we were involved with the original planting of the Library Garden in its present form, we have been working on replacing and renewing the plants.
Using the original planting design and plant list, we obtained a quote from the present contractors who care for the site.
On Friday 19th May, the new plants arrived, and as the contractor only sent one gardener, Angela Tester and Danny Surridge worked to weed and plant the new plants to fill gaps, replace the lavenders, and refresh the sustainable design many people have said they enjoy.
The Town Council's Planning and Resources Committee granted us the funds needed to pay for this upgrade, along with £150 gifted to us when the Littlehampton in Bloom committee closed.22nd May 2017, 00:45

Foxes at the Allotments

Foxes are being trapped and 'culled' at the Allotments here in Littlehampton.
This is a closed community at the allotments, and views differ as to how necessary this is.
Do you have an allotment?
This is being monitored now, as to how many are being killed.
What are your views on this?
December update: Foxes are not to be killed now, and the situation will be monitored.18th Dec 2016, 23:52

Regeneration Conference

The recent Conference held at the Body Shop had some prominent speakers, Gareth Bradford, a Director for the Govt. dept for Cities and Local Growth spoke of the support from his department for coastal towns.
Je Ahn, the Director for 'Studio Weave' spoke of his work with communities across Europe,involving local people with projects, from small beginnings he has helped local people to own and transform many neglected areas and streets.
Our own Staci Mendoza Quinn, Director of LOCA spoke of the arts here and the Artisan Market, Love Littlehampton and the Art Trail.16th Nov 2016, 00:39

Cine Mobile Films at Windmill

Well done and thanks to Cine Mobile for the great offering we presently have at the Windmill.
Live theatre from London, Opera from Sydney Harbour,the special events, etc.
This is exactly what we knew was possible, and fought so hard for 2 years ago when ADC threatened, and then secretly arranged to shut it down- for a year!
Cine Mobile have the arrangement to provide Digital Films and Live Event screenings.
This has been very successful because the many Volunteers work so hard to support it for us all.
We hope the new Leisure providers, Freedom Leisure, who now run the Windmill, can agree terms to benefit this arrangement.24th Aug 2016, 14:36

Freedom Leisure at AGM

Our new Leisure providers, Freedom Leisure, who are in the process of taking over from Inspire, kindly accepted our invitation to introduce themselves to us at our AGM.
Cllr Paul Dendle also agreed to introduce them on the evening.
This was on Thursday, 5th May.
Previous to the AGM, we had a productive meeting with our speakers, Mr Ivan Horsfall-Turner, M.D., and Mr Matt Hunt,the Group Operations Director.
We will keep in touch to continue our relationship.
Minutes of the AGM are available on request.24th Aug 2016, 13:37

Tidal Power in our Harbour

Saunders Energy are testing their 'Power Frame' at the moment.
They have told us that testing is ongoing at the red bridge.
They have also kindly accepted our invitation to update us on their progress and will be at our July Coffee Morning.
Alan Saunders will be speaking, and will answer questions.
Go to, their present website, or on Youtube: Saunders Energy Limited.28th Jun 2016, 19:14

Message from Foreshore Officer

The Foreshore Officer asks that people feeding swans in the Harbour area please do not feed dry bread, but instead throw it into the water for swans to feed there.
Some swans have been found with a blockage in neck, due to bolting down dry bread.
Further to this, their natural food is weed they find at low tide from river, so best is no bread at all!
RSPB also support this message.
A recent news item found ducks like kale, in fact our swans stay overnight in fields in the Arun valley, so may well like kale. let us know if you try this out.19th Apr 2016, 00:47

Rope Walk Flood Defence

Rope Walk residents have been testing the inflatable gate defences we obtained for them with the Santander Grant.
Earlier this year, the Fire Brigade assisted them with testing the two pumps, which turned out to be very efficient at shifting a good quantity of water. These are going to be handy for the overtopping of the banks or the groundwater that high tides push up and threaten the homes at Riverside, situated beneath the river wall next to the Mud Docks.19th Apr 2016, 00:40


Our Members supported the proposal for a Community Charter on 7th June 2013. This was produced and then debated by all present at the Public Meeting on 28 June in the Millennium Chamber, Manor House. We worked with East Beach Residents Association and others to make as many people in the town aware of this event as possible..The Chamber was full with little room left to stand. Some Town and Parish Councillors were also present and Dr Walsh sent a letter of support.Nick Gibb, local MP supports us.
Representatives of many organisations, Societies and Clubs were present, from traders to Opera, actors, Charities and Sports.
All present voted in favour of the Charter,it's presentation to Neighbouhood/Town planners and a request for the consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan to be extended for up to three months past the present 17 July deadline.
We need to engage with the Town's Neighbourhood Plan as this is important for the future of Leisure sites not to be developed and built over, but cared for and up-graded for us and visitors to our unique sea and riverside town.
The Leisure Strategy of Arun District Council is a main issue in our campaign but not the only one.
A copy of the Charter is available by Email from:
Printed reference copies are kept at Littlehampton Library,Rustington Library,
Look and Sea Information Desk and Wick Information Office.
A DVD of the Meeting was made by our Member (and ex Windmill Projectionist)Paul Burnett-Kirk.29th May 2014, 13:24

The Conveyance of The Community Charter

The Community Charter of Littlehampton was delivered with a covering letter to the Mayor, Mrs Joyce Bowyer, at the Town Council Offices, Manor House, Church Street, together with a list of Organisations who had signed it to date on 16th July 2013
A copy was also sent to Mr Peter Herbert,Town Clerk, to forward to Councillors.
Further Copies were sent to Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council Chairmen.29th May 2014, 13:22